Limo Rental Tips

Are you planning to rent a limo to celebrate an upcoming event in a different style with your folks? If yes, then don’t let the many rental services confuse you. Read the limo rental tips mentioned below to get an idea about the things you should keep in mind when hiring one. This guide will assist you to not only select a perfect limo for you but also get the most from luxury transport experience.

Know the Occasion

You must always keep in mind the type of event or occasion that you want the limo for. Whether you plan to travel in style for your prom or some concert with your buddies, celebrating your birthday party, bachelor party or just about any other occasion, discussing it with the limo rental companies should always be your first step. They can guide about the kind of limo that will be perfect for the particular occasion. Some of them also provide decoration services to dress up the limo accordingly.

Number of Attendees

Getting the right limo also depends on the number of people travelling with you. After you discuss your guest list with the service providers, they would guide you in selecting an apt size of limo that would comfortably fit in your guests. For instance, if you are a group of 6-8 people, you can hire a stretched limo and party in an extravagant style. If you have over 12 -15 guests attending the occasion, then you can select a party bus of an appropriate size.

Number of Hours

Another thing that you must always keep in mind is the number of hours that you would need the limo for. This is because most of the limo rental companies base their rental cost on the number of hours for which the limo was rented.

Set a Budget

Before you are out to rent a limo, you must always set a budget. This will allow you in choosing a limo that will give you an awesome partying experience while being within budget.

Focus on the Value

Always remember that all limousine services are never equal. Having set a budget does not mean that you just have to go with cheap rentals that do not provide good services. You must always focus on getting the best services within your budget and receive an experience that you want.

Look for the Features

Make sure that the limo ride you hire includes all basic features that are properly working. The basic features include disco lights, music system, flat-screen TV, air-conditioner, etc. You also must personally visit and check for the condition of all the basic amenities. Ensure that they are operating properly and in a hassle-free manner. It will make your ride smooth and worthy.

Look for Space

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a limo for the event is the space it provides. Although you must be prepared with a guest list to select a limo that can comfortably fit in your guests. But, it is also recommended to choose a vehicle that has space for two extra guests for any last-minute entry. For instance, if you have 8 people travelling with you then in place of a stretched limo, you can go with the small size party bus, so that your guests sit and move around comfortably. This will also allow you to squeeze in up to three people extra who want to join you in your celebrations at the very last moment.

Get the Whole Price

Always check the price of the vehicle that you are hiring. The pricing policy of each limo rental company is generally unique. However, most of them rent out their limos on an hourly basis, with exceptions in case of airport transfers and all-inclusive packages. Add-on fee like fuel charges, toll and parking fee may or may not be included in the base rental price of the limousine service. When it comes to gratuity or tip of the drivers, then again it may not be necessarily included in the base fare, and you might have to pay 15-20% of this price to the driver

Look for Rental Packages

Most of the limo rental companies offer rental packages for special occasions like weddings, concerts, prom, or other event times that have a definite start and end time. Each of the packages will allow a limo rental service for a fixed time, fixed party size, fixed vehicle types in an all-inclusive price. Therefore, you can always seek for an all-inclusive rental package if you want the limo services for some special event.

Book in Advance

If you have decided to hire a limousine for an upcoming special event, then you must always ensure to book the limo in advance. For example, if you plan to hire a traditional stretch limo for your wedding, or a party bus for your wedding guest transport, then book a limo 10-12 months prior to the event. For other events like prom, it is always good to book a limo, a month before the event date. Also, make sure to get the confirmation in writing to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Safety First

Safety of the guests is the most important thing to consider when booking a limo service. Make sure that the limo company has a legitimate license and is registered with their state (the US only) and also has proper levels of insurance.

Also, check for the licenses of the chauffeurs and make sure they are experienced too.